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John Finley can help your company connect with customers and prospects

These days, organizations stretch the limits of available time and resources to maintain relationships, uncover new business and grow existing accounts.

You need help.

You and your company have an efficient, creative way to cut through clutter and connect with your customers and prospects.

Imagine Laser Focused email... Imagine your customers and prospects receiving relationship building messages — each personalized to the recipient and tightly focused to match their needs and interests. So focused, you might think of them as LaserMail.

Your campaign target might be Robert Dobbs, with RBD Global, for example.

John Finley can link your campaign’s messages to Bob directly back to a web page with information that matches his special interests.

Capture attention
and spark imaginations...
Use focused email to announce a new product introduction, update information or even distribute your newsletters.

Did I mention... It’s efficient?
Having created effective, results-producing multi media campaigns for many years, I am a big fan of print and direct mail. But traditional methods can impose heavy burdens in paper, printing, postage and distribution costs.

Did I mention... It’s Green?
New technologies that allow us to tailor messages and connect with customers and prospects by name — and more — can also help save time and money. The same technologies can reduce strains on our natural resources from printing, packaging, handling and distributing many of today’s communications.

Time to stop
imagining and start connecting...

Expand the dialog with your customers and prospects. Just hit start to begin revving up those relationships.

Laser Focused email...
just one of the many business- and relationship-building Creative Tools available to you at John Finley Communication Arts.