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Hello. My name is John Finley.


Metaphorically, my job is to interrupt your message’s trip from the in basket to the round basket.


How do I do it? The same way I’ve been doing it for over 40 years; advertising, graphic design, digital design, creative copy, traditional and digital direct mail, sales promotion and web design.


A few words about John Finley Communication Arts—a design and marketing communications firm providing a variety of services across a broad range of client markets.


With experience including art studio and advertising agencies, John stays busy serving local, regional and national accounts. He has contributed to and created award winning design, illustration and advertising campaigns.

With years of successful, results-oriented promotional experience, John has served business segments as broad as medical and professional services­ to construction and development, where the work has been recognized for effectiveness and creativity.


Published in the Graphis Annual, John has also created and collaborated in work that has garnered awards from American Advertising Federation/Dayton, including Best of Magazine and Best of Newspaper in multiple years, and Best of Television, Direct Mail and Audio Visual.


The most gratifying rewards, however, come from clients who have reported increases in sales, brand recognition and improved prospects. These outcomes are the true measures of successful application of the communication arts.